Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What an Air Mile is worth

As a general rule of thumb an Air Mile is worth 12-14 cents depending on what you redeem it for.  So when you are making a purchase to get Air Miles be aware of what each Air Mile is worth. Some times you will essestially be getting your products for free if for example you spent 10 dollars and got 100 air miles you would make minimum 2 cents on every Air Mile in that purchase. Other times stores up the price of the item and if you dont get many Air Miles it is not really that great of a deal.

Friday, April 22, 2011

coupon on general mills

This has nothing to do with airmiles but i needed to host this picture to link it to a forum. Anyways its on cereal boxes and is a great coupon.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Redeeming Your Air Miles

I plan on helping people understand the complicated Air Miles reward system. It will take me awhile to get it up so please be patient.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Collect Air Miles the right way

upadate:safeway took down the flyers that were poster sorry they are no longer available

Collecting Air Miles is easy and more valuable than people realize. I collected for years until a coworker told me i wasn't doing it right and than i realized what everyone is missing out on.

First lets talk about how simple it is to collect Air miles.
Most of us by Gas at Esso, shop at Safeway, eat at Boston Pizza, buy books of Chapters online, Apple online or get home supplies at Rona or Totem just to name a few.

Now most of these places give points on ratio of around
1 point = $14/$20 of spending

So you could accrue 200 points for potentially $4000 of spending.
200 points can get you at 25 dollar gift card from the Air miles store so youve gotten .625% return

So thats how i used to collect Air miles except i was not even aware of some of the vendors (had no idea Boston Pizza was one)

Heres the best and most rewarding way to collect Air Miles. Below is the recent Safeway Flyer that you can see online, at the store, or may have received in the mail.

So ill take you on a shopping trip and we need lots of junk food for the weekend so ill buy old dutch chips instead of lays this time. They are on sale $10 and i get the 20 bonus miles and they're on sale(no brainer and they store well).

  Next i need potatoes for dinner for the next few weeks another $7 and 15 bonus miles, and some frozen vegetables for when we don't have time to go to the store for fresh ones($10 for 20 miles).

I also need stuff for lunches for work so i grab 4 boxes of fibre one($10 for 30 miles) and two loaves of bread for sandwiches($5 for 20 miles) I am also tempted by the smucker's bonus even we do need jam soon so get a jar of jam, 2 jars of pickles, and two bags of fruit for smoothies and baking (18.50 for 50 miles).

Now looking at the flyer i could have gotten a lot more but somethings aren't at their best price. I could have easily stocked up on some of the frozen things and gotten some more miles but id rather focus on what I need as there will always be another flyer coming out.

So this trip we spent $60.50 which will get us a whole 3 air miles at Safeway's rate of 1 for $20.
We also accumulated 155 bonus for a total of 158 Air Miles.

Seeking out the bonus Miles allowed us to get 2.5 Miles for every dollar, not so bad.  So at this rate we would have had to spend 80 dollars to get our 25 dollar gift certificate.

That equals savings of 30%.  When we shop we also use an Avion card that collects us Miles on a different point program. There are lots of other cards as well and i just suggest using at least one of them instead of a basic credit card.